Venue Participant Information


The Venue category is intended for venues in downtown Little Rock that regularly exhibit artwork or other creative work, including (1) art galleries, (2) alternative art spaces, (3) collectives/group studios, (4) performing arts venues, (4) museums, (5) independent shops, (6) restaurants / bars, and (7) other cultural venues with regular changing exhibitions of artwork.

Venue Participant Benefits

This program provides a turnkey option for engagement and includes the following benefits:

  • Membership on and a voice in 2nd Friday Art Night regular planning meetings. Participants are given prominent opportunity to guide the vision of 2nd Friday Art Night.
  • Access to the official 2nd Friday Art Night Google Drive, which allows Participants to upload venue information, specific programming details, and images. This information is then reflected on social channels and in promotion to local media.
  • Access to a list of 2nd Friday Art Night participating venues and artists as well as the opportunity to network within Little Rock’s art community.
  • Venue information and logo will be included on official 2nd Friday Art Night website.
  • Venue and programming information will be spotlighted on 2nd Friday Art Night social media channels.
  • Location will be identified on printed 2nd Friday Art Night signage and materials which will be promoted every month.
  • Location will be identified on 2nd Friday Art Night digital map, which will be promoted and shared every month.
  • Inclusion in the 2nd Friday Art Night trolley tour script, a free transportation benefit to attendees.
  • Eligible to partner with 2nd Friday Art Night on your calls to artists for your space.
  • Eligible to partner with 2nd Friday Art Night as a host for a future pop-up exhibition.
  • Other promotional opportunities throughout the year.

Venue Participant Responsibilities

Every 2nd Friday Art Night Participant is responsible for the following:

  • Must be open to the public every second Friday of the month, from at least 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm., though venues are welcome to stay open later.
  • Provide unique programming, activities, or themed events for the public to experience and communicate those plans and images to the Google Drive for 2nd Friday Art Night marketing. Submissions to Google Drive must be made on the 15th of every month.
  • Submit to Google Drive a promotional image of storefront or inside venue location.
  • Consider serving complementary beverages and food and / or hosting live music entertainment.
  • Must pay monthly fee of $60, which contributes to free public trolley and wider marketing budget.

Fee is $360 per six-month commitment.

Art Venues interested may test out 2nd Friday Art Night benefits for two months with fees waived. Those two months include social promotion only.

Register Here

There are TWO (2) steps to this process:
#1 – Fill out the registration form and click the SUBMIT button when completed.
#2 – Once your application is processed, your venue will be invoiced on a six month basis and you will be connected to the internal Google Drive for organizing and promotional purposes.

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